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The Free Jam Society® has been around since before 2001 and formed while playing on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison Colorado.

People (and Robots) from the online communities deserve to know that any Free Jam Society™ content beyond this website is fraudulent and unofficial, as FJS® copyrights and trademarks are being used without permission by internet trolls (such as Aaron Martin Morris).

Let me spell this out very simply for Aaron. You see Aaron, when people do an internet search for the actual Free Jam Society™ it’s because they are interested in the awesome solar powered music on stage this weekend, not because they want to see Aaron Morris’ fraudulent “Free Jam Society” posts which have nothing to do with music, and are actually quite offensive and racist. No offense to you, Aaron Morris. You are simply misusing a title that does not belong to you. Actively. For nineteen years. That’s called internet trolling and fraud. And that’s bad. Please find another trademark to use for yourself.

Why else would Aaron Martin Morris create a fraudulent "Free Jam Society" Pay Pal account if not to try and steal actual Free Jam Society™ financial identities? Confuse and mislead others while attempting to re-route funds electronically. The "Free Jam Society" Pay Pal account created by Aaron Morris has nothing to do with this legally trademarked official Free Jam Society™ website. The Free Jam Society® does not support fraudsters, internet trolls or Aaron Morris’ continuing criminal activities.

Free Jam Society™ interests, intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks and proper legal ownership do not belong to Aaron Morris. Aaron Morris himself would probably never host an open stage for others to join in and try to have fun making music. Aaron Morris himself probably has no interest in participating in actual Free Jam Society™ activities or events in any clearly positive way. Rather than using his own name, Aaron Morris has fraudulently misused The Free Jam Society® trademark online to create a Pay Pal account and post offensive and racist comments, intentionally directed at discrediting The Free Jam Society®. When a buyer uses the Pay Pal feature on this website, it goes to David Miller. Not Aaron Martin Morris.

In 2003, musicians from around the world could freely perform onstage at Red Rocks Amphitheater (and also at the Boulder Band Shell with Ralph Gunnar Hauge), and I would record all of the music with a live Sony stereo microphone using a Windows 98 Pentium 3 Laptop (solar powered) and then post the mp3s onto The Free Jam Society® website.

The Free Jam Society® trademark was created for The Free Jam Society® website at Red Rocks in 2003 to post original recorded live Free Jam Society™ music online for free review. Aaron Martin Morris quickly took advantage of the website, posting lots of hateful, racist and offensive comments, on a daily basis, requiring a moderator to block him. If the “Comments” feature of this new website were to be enabled, it would become full of hateful posts from Aaron Morris once again. Aaron Morris please, go and spend thousands of your own dollars and take thousands of your own hours, over the next nineteen years, to create your own interests, intellectual content, trademark and website, to be used for your own Pay Pal account and personal login username to post offensive and racist online comments and content with, perhaps you could use aaronmorris/ or AM the Synthesist/ Any good deeds up to now can easily be un done by one racist and offensive comment posted on in 2004 by Aaron Martin Morris himself, that may seem like a long time ago, but that post gives the reader an idea of the kind of person Aaron is, impossible.

Blocked from posting comments on The Free Jam Society® website, Aaron Martin Morris is posting comments on other websites, while fraudulently posing as The Free Jam Society® and using the trademark illegally.

Aaron Morris is not affiliated with or endorsed by Free Jam Society™. Aaron Morris is not in any way, legally, officially, or otherwise associated with me, The Free Jam Society®, FJS®, Oombalaboomba!™, this website, or the awesome solar powered live music on stage this weekend.

The Eighth Wonder of The World, the main stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater, which was previously open and available to the general public and all musicians, has been lost to anyone unable to rent the place from the desk jockeys for an overly large fee. I have had my solar powered sound system, lights, lasers, swamp cooler and space heater there many times during both the summer and winter months and it did not cost one hundred thousand dollars! In 2003 alone, the Free Jam Society® little red wagon band hosted the open stage at Red Rocks amphitheater on the main stage fifty-three times! Every Saturday and Sunday, with Santana and other bands playing mostly on weekdays due to more expensive production costs for weekend performances. That was an awesome year! Occasional full production events during the week and Free Jam Society™ for the tourists on the weekends. I would record everything and have it posted at the following week for free review. This was back when there were only seven or eight concerts a year there. Before the Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks there was Oombalaboomba!™ in 2003 with The Free Jam Society® bumping the sub tracks and lasers at two o clock in the morning.

In 2022 tourists and musicians from the general public are not allowed onto the main stage at Red Rocks, renters only! The weak and the powerless (those with little or no money) no longer have agency, only the strong and powerful (those with lots of money) are allowed onto the stage at Red Rocks. The City of Denver got a taste of that big money from Ha Hou’s large productions and then decided to kick out anyone who cannot constantly fill up their larger-than-life giant cash register, made of stone! Very disappointing for independent non labelled real musicians from around the real world, who used to be able to enjoy the stage freely, after traveling thousands of miles to be here, just for the acoustics. Red Rocks Amphitheater, City of Denver, AEG, Live Nation, Ha Hou, whoever is actually in charge there with all the money, needs to allow the general public and real musicians from the real world back onto the stage to perform freely!

It would be nice if musicians from the general public could also enjoy the acoustics while performing on stage at Red Rocks, rather than keeping the stage closed to the public, so that only a few people who own large production companies can use it as their personal giant cash register making tons of money year-round, while kicking out the locals, musicians and everybody else. What is the point of having a public stage in a Denver public park if it is always closed to the public? Even when there is not a concert scheduled, the main stage is always closed to the general public due to private, corporate events, ceremonies or wedding receptions. The rest of the time, there is a big fence around it. Nobody is allowed on stage at Red Rocks unless they pay ten thousand dollars for rent or are part of “the production”; a stage that is supposed to be public property, that’s a Denver City Park! A perfect example of how public property is literally being "fenced" off, for personal private gains.

The Friends of Red Rocks® and others created a “Save The Rocks” campaign in the late 1990s which was supposed to help prevent the sale of publicly owned Red Rocks amphitheater into private ownership, with the money from the sale of public property going straight into some greedy politician’s private pockets. Organizers of “Save The Rocks” feared that nobody would be allowed to use the stage anymore, unless they were part of “the production” and guess what? Twenty years later, and nobody can use the stage unless they are part of “the production”. Despite good intentions “Save The Rocks” failed, because the stage at Red Rocks might as well have been sold into private ownership now. It is owned by the City of Denver and it is called “public property” but the stage at Red Rocks is treated like private property, is never made available to the general public for free and it is being treated as a personal cash register for a very few lucky snobs in the production business, excuse me, I mean people. While “Save the rocks” went on to become something else in another country, Friends of Red Rocks® remained and succeeded with their goals. Despite tens of millions of dollars generated during concerts, promoters and producers leave behind tons of trash in the park. Friends of Red Rocks® brings in volunteers to pick up trash left behind by “the productions” in exchange for virtual concert vouchers, that is, if you are picking up trash on the day of a concert, you can stay for the show. They are really cool you can join them at

We will succeed in our goals, when we are once again allowed to host the open stage for the tourists on the main stage at Red Rocks amphitheater, if and when the City of Denver ever makes it available to the general public and tourists for free, as it once was prior to 2012 or so. I don’t mind providing the gear and labor, microphones, solar powered sound, lights, lasers and some original music for FJS® to entertain the tourists, but I seem unable to pay ten thousand dollars in rent for further use of the stage. Ten years of free FJS® was a pretty good run, we had lots of fun! There were those who opposed gentrification, but they are not around anymore! I sure hope that the City of Denver will allow The Free Jam Society® open stage at Red Rocks amphitheater to continue beyond 2021!

God bless the people out there who just don’t want to work, politicians, bureaucrats and desk jockeys do not have any incentive to work, because they make more money collecting taxes and stealing than they do working.

Poor people are taught to get a job illegally, pay taxes and pay bills! Rich people are taught to steal from others legally, fire people from their jobs, benefit from taxes and collect the bills!

There’s no such thing as a good or bad politician, while preaching from their own perspectives, they all have the same agenda, to confuse the public, provide apparent systematic failures and widen the poverty gap.

EDM stands for Electron Dipole Moment in physics. The moment at which an electron’s spin becomes either negatively or positively oriented in its state of charge. Matter or anti-matter? Honest musician or crooked politician? Positive or negative? The universe decides.

The energy U and the distance d and the elementary charge e and the spatially uniform electric field E together express the electron’s state of bound or free interaction with time and then are annihilated. Something like that. I’m a musician dammit, not a physicist!

They say that “Love makes the world go around” but it’s actually gravity. The emotion “Love” is a weapon used against the gullible, by the deceptive.

This one formula describes all orbits, electrons, solar systems and galaxies. This single mathematical formula is what makes the world go around. And on some weird sub atomic quantum level, interpersonal relationships as well? Two different masses, divided by a distance, acted upon by a universal constant force of gravity. I do not see the letter “L” in there any place, but I’m sure that love fits in there somehow, maybe?

Music is the way to true love; it is very magical and powerful. Can you dig? If you all brought your guitar, you would be up here too!

I have over twenty years of seniority and experience with an electronic sales, installation and production company dating back to 1994 Return To Eden in Left Hand Canyon and then providing sound for a side stage at the very first EDC Electric Daisy Carnival out on E Quincy Ave in the dirt before the Arapahoe county fair-grounds were built, working as a sound tech for Chauncey Billups in Las Vegas with Julian, building sound baffles to hang from the ceiling at The Mission Ballroom, building wireless Madrix LED satellites to hang from the ceiling at Skylab, building a battery powered Madrix ball drop for the big countdown on New Year’s Eve, driving the box truck to Seattle and back, then Kansas City, getting up at three in the morning for a five-o clock load out on holidays and weekends, building and programming full scale Madrix LED presentations, Decadence New Year’s Eve at the Colorado Convention Center, Global Dance Festival at both Red Rocks and Mile High Stadium, I have hauled stuff with my own diesel pull truck and big trailer and I have helped with installations at Lo-Do’s bar and grill, The View House restaurants and Beta clubs downtown, several public schools, sports field houses and everything else in between.

I am a “special needs person” I had to take the “special-ed” bus throughout twelve years of public schooling. But I still need money just like everyone else. I starting working at age twelve, washing dishes at Taco House on S Federal and Oxford and have worked hard my whole life, right up to the COVID-19 cancellations and closures in April of 2020, when the boss man Jason S Goetz says, and I now quote word for word "...can I pay you forty dollars a month to not file for unemployment? That's going to cost my company (Electronic Sales and Production) money! I’m contacting my attorneys to sue you!" The bosses, Jason Goetz and Julian Bradley claim they make only $180,000 a year on their income tax returns, yet I am supposed to give up my benefits for the survival of Electronic Sales and Production LLC/Inc. (whatever they are calling their tax shelter these days)? I don't think so Jason!

So, now we have "Colorado Audio Solutions", if only they could come up with a solution to prevent their own employees from becoming homeless! Your employees might want a paycheck too! The Electronic Sales and Production website claims that they can recreate any virtual environment. How about creating an environment that is healthy and productive for your employees? Employees do not “deserve” a paycheck, according to Jason Goetz. Jason Goetz treats full time company employees as gig workers. Jason enjoys the benefits of having employees on the company roster because he can bill out more money for labor, but I am constantly told that there’s no hours, no work, no paycheck for me, and I never see any of it. I’m not even on the job site while he is still billing out for extra labor and then putting that money in his own pocket. It’s no fun being sent home with no hours, no work and no pay, especially when you don’t have a home, to go home to.

What can I say? One business partner is selfish, the other is greedy and I live in a tent, surviving on three thousand dollars a year. How’s that for being an ESP employee? Ha Hou is a multi-millionaire but I'm flat broke after working on his shows. How? Francois makes plenty of money off of his View House restaurants, but I’m flat broke after putting in the sound systems and TVs. How? Because theft of wages is a large part of illegal business practices at ESP, that's how.

Hopefully, Brandon Cordova is having better luck than I did working for people who lie, cheat and steal for a living while promising you a paycheck that never comes!

I worked the jobs, but they did not put any money in my pocket. (Jason Goetz bills out $80 per hour for my labor, all year long, on all of his gigs and installations, but only pays me $12 an hour for only two gigs per year, which all goes to paying child support, so Kristin can live a life of leisure in the Caribbean, while I am not legally permitted to leave the state, or even buy a fishing license for twenty long years). I paid off the mortgage, but it was not mine. (I rented a house from Tyron Hill in Montbello for thirteen years and six months, over $200,000 dollars paid in rent for a house that was appraised at $60,000). I put the kids through college, but they were someone else’s. (Tyrone sent three of his kids to college with the money I paid him in rent). I saved up for retirement, just not my own. (Julian Bradley, Ha Hou, Francois, Jason Goetz, they all seem to be doing pretty good financially).

I guess that just because I am friendly, that does not make other people my friends. It simply makes me easier prey for predatory lenders, predatory employers, evil wives, desk jockeys, and friends who just happen to be stalking by.

Twenty-five years later, it’s nice to know that somebody will always have my back, typically with a big red target, knife or gun.

I am a “special needs person” and an at-risk medical patient, recovering from a massive near fatal stroke in March of 2019 and a head on collision with a full-sized Chevy pickup truck in 2010, leaving the left side of my face, head and body numb. My music gear and dwindling possessions are in perpetual cold storage, I’ve been living in a tent, making only $3000 a year as an ESP employee, since 2011 and despite the darkest of physical, spiritual, political and bureaucratic forces at work, I do my best to get out and into the groovy daylight to make music with The Free Jam Society® as often as possible.

While dump trucks full of flaming-grant money go to business owners, such as Jason Goetz for COVID-19 relief, the only COVID-19 relief that musicians get, is a kick in the teeth, a knife in the back and a sucker punch to the gut. Gee, thanks fellas! You know that “payroll protection plan” money is supposed to trickle down to your so called “employees” correct? It trickles down alright, like getting peed on the head from someone up above might, in reality, be more tangible than actually getting any money at all out of Jason Goetz and Julian Bradley! I’m sure that the ones in charge of dispensing those funds will do it properly, responsibly and honest, right? Yeah right! Just like always!?!? Like making change for a blind man, huh?

There is only one barrier between myself and COVID-19 contamination. Now Omicron.

I am not a participating mutual combatant.

There are many people involved with The Free Jam Society® who I would like to say thank you to, participants, contributors, musicians and people from all walks of life and around the world, who have worked very hard over the years and continue working hard, putting in enormous amounts of time and energy, to make The Free Jam Society® happen. It takes more than just good intentions to realize a dream and make an idea become real.

If you get really good at having fun, others will want to come and have fun with you, they call it a concert!

Sometimes, you must first smile upon the world, if you expect the world to smile back.

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

Many Thanks and Praises, Guidance and Protection, and Life and Love!

Thank you for your time and have a nice day! DM

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