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- When I post a negative review for Electronic Sales and Production on Google Maps, it gets ghosted and nobody can see it. This is one negative review that Google Maps cannot ghost, rather than post.
- I am a special needs person, who has been taken advantage of by people in a position of trust, in this case, my employers, Jason Goetz (303) 870-1630 and Julian Bradley (303) 870-3641 of Electronic Sales and Production. As an employee of Electronic Sales and Production I am lied to about available work, cheated out of hours, and receive no paycheck for literally weeks and then months. I am given the day off, then the week off, and then told that there’s no work for me at all for the next couple of months, while they continue to bill out for labor for productions and installations while continuing to work themselves, and then put what is supposed to be my paycheck into their own pocket. Predatory employment, manipulating the payroll, fraud, theft of wages are common illegal businesses practices that happen to unfortunate people every day. It is disappointing because I have known, worked with and for, Jason Goetz and Julian Bradley for twenty-eight years since Return to Eden in 1994 in Left Hand Canyon, Boulder. They used to be cool, but it would seem that the more money they make, the greedier and more selfish and untrustworthy they have become.
- Rather than celebrating twenty-eight years of friendship, I now think of Jason Goetz as a greedy dirt bag and walking human septic tank, full of crap, so full of crap that it comes out of his mouth every time he talks. We now have a new unit of measurement folks, the “Goetz”. Specifically, one new “Goetz” unit is the equivalent of roughly two-hundred and ten pounds of septic tank crap.
- Rather than celebrating twenty-eight years of friendship, I now think of Julian Bradley as a thieving selfish snob. He is an award-winning figure within the production industry and fails to give any credit to those who helped him win those awards. He won’t even give me a proper paycheck, much less credit for any help. He promises a big paycheck before the work, but once the work is done, I only get a fraction of what I was told I would be paid. I suppose that makes him a cunning business man, because he is able to take monetary advantage of a special needs person. Thieving selfish snob Julian Bradley needs his US citizenship revoked and deported back to the UK.
- I now think of Brandon Cordova as their new lapdog. A six-foot tall 220-pound lapdog, but an eager lapdog just the same.
- But this is not about name calling or who gets credit for what, or who gets deported where to spend their retirement years in jail, or who gets to pick up trash along the Wisconsin highways wearing an orange jump suit with the rest of the criminals out on work detail for good behavior. This is about them ripping me off for years and then actually becoming upset when I have to file for unemployment benefits in order to receive a measly $1,700 dollars, very slowly dispensed, at the rate of roughly $71 a month, paid bi-weekly in even smaller increments, over the course of the next two years as a direct response to COVID-19 cancellations and closures. And, I am somehow expected to live off of $71 dollars a month? That’s actually more money than what Electronic Sales and Production had to offer, which was often times zero dollars a month, as an active employee on the payroll, during a time when Jason Goetz is bragging on and on about the one point five million dollars-worth of invoices sitting on the table, in the office, for upcoming work.
- As an employee of Electronic Sales and Production, I suffered from crippling financial anxiety and I also experienced homelessness, earning barley $3,000 a year, and was hospitalized due to a massive near fatal stroke. I must now take heart medications Carvedilol and Amlodipine Besylate twice daily to stay alive, with what feels like a 1,200-pound ratchet strap around my chest, clicked tight. I was then told by my employers Jason Goetz and Julian Bradley that there is no more work for me, at all, due to COVID-19 cancellations and closures. Julian Bradley and Jason Goetz then decided to stop being my friend, and Jason Goetz began poking me in my chest (as if he were in one of his hobby league hockey games) in an attempt to instigate a physical altercation, after I told him that I am filling for unemployment insurance with the State as a direct response to the COVID-19 cancellations and closures. Jason terminated my employment and told me that I will never do production work with him again because of my choice to file for unemployment insurance with Electronic Sales and Production, but I had already begun the process of filling for employer/job-attached unemployment insurance online and the State unemployment office had to override their attempted denial of my unemployment insurance, with Jason Goetz telling me that I don’t deserve any pay of any kind, unless I work for it first. I am often times unable to afford my heart medications, meanwhile, Electronic Sales and Production collected government funding for PPP or payroll protection plan, and government provided COVID-19 relief funding for small businesses. Jason was upset that without me as an employee, he might lose his government COVID-19 relief funds. Of course, none of which I will ever see, because he won’t give me any work or a paycheck to go with it! Greedy dirt bag Jason Goetz was definitely planning on keeping all of that “relief” money for himself. Whose pocket does all of that money go in anyway? Not mine, that’s for sure!
- I am flat broke, homeless, not healthy and not happy, as a result of their illegal business practices. I honestly believed in their goodwill and that I could make a decent living working for Electronic Sales and Production as an employee, but instead was misled and manipulated by greedy Jason Goetz, selfish Julian Bradley and lapdog Brandon Cordova.
- Work history? I was very disappointed when, a few years ago, I had my cousin call Jason Goetz to ask him to provide a good refence for David Miller and ESP as a production/service provider for an upcoming wedding DJ event and he acted like he did not know me, he provided false negative information about me and then said to hire an actual wedding DJ company out of the phone book instead of hiring David Miller or ESP. That’s when I realized that if I can’t even get a good reference from Jason, then there is no point in attempting to bring him more new clients. He is so absolutely greedy, and Julian selfish. ESP has done weddings before. I was flown to Las Vegas by ESP in 2010 to do wedding event production work for Chauncy Billups of the Denver Nuggets and I am more than capable of bringing new clients of my own to ESP. But, because it’s not Jason’s new client, he does not want anything to do with it. As Jason Goetz and Julian Bradley refuse to provide me with any refences for the last twenty-eight years after working for them, this entire thing is now a part of my actual work history on my actual resume. Gee, thanks guys! I now totally regret having placed any trust or faith in ESP/Electronic Sales and Production. Jason Goetz and Julian Bradley have no interest in providing references as that does not make them any money, I am not able to pay them for their good references, they do not do anything that does not involve monetary gain, or taking monetary advantage of others. Their phone number is right there, call them and see what they have to say about me? Nothing good, I bet. Thanks to their greedy, selfish and mostly illegal business practices, I now have a considerable gap in the actual work history on my resume.
- I have been disowned, stolen from and humiliated, alienated isolated and abandoned by people whom I trusted, stood by and worked with throughout twenty-eight years of loyalty, gigs and employment, and now unemployment, because Jason Goetz is pissed off about being forced by the State to pay me a measly $1700 in unemployment insurance, as a direct result of a global pandemic.
- The owners of, and people at, Electronic Sales and Production, Jason Goetz, Julian Bradley and Brandon Cordova have been very lucky to have virtually unlimited cartel financial backing from Ha Hou of the Triad Dragons, Pelonis of Beta night club and Francois of The View House restaurants. If anybody asks me to provide a reference for Electronic Sales and Production, Jason Goetz, Julian Bradley, or Brandon Cordova, I will redirect them to this reading. This is a negative review. One that they have actually earned and deserve. One that Google Maps cannot ghost, rather than post.
- I command integrity, respect and admiration from the people who are in my company. The only thing Jason Goetz, Julian Bradley and Brandon Cordova have to offer is underhanded greedy, selfish, misleading manipulation, lying, cheating and theft. I guess when you work for douchebags, you should expect to be ripped off. They have made a living screwing over the working class. Their income tax records indicate that they claim a yearly salary of only $180,000 dollars and they complain about paying out $1,700 in unemployment insurance to me, during a global pandemic? F**k you desk jockeys and your ill-gotten gains, I hope you choke on it, you can all go to hell.
- Here is an excerpt of an email from Jason Goetz to me in May 2020, mere weeks after the COVID-19 shutdown was initiated the week of St Patrick’s day 2020. Copy/paste: -…” Please let me know your schedule. Have not heard back from you after you delivered that saw on April 29th. Getting busy again as life goes back to normal. If you don’t want to work that is fine too.” – So, even though there are no more productions due to citywide COVID-19 global pandemic shutdown, cancellations and closures, Jason says “Getting busy again as life goes back to normal”? They are all cancelled, Global Dance Festival, Skylab, Electric Daisy Carnival, Decadence New Year’s Eve, etc. All of ESP Jason and Julian’s and everyone else’s companies and productions are all shut down. That’s normal? All concerts and productions, all of ESPs planned installations at Beta night club, LoDos and View House restaurants, and other events, all major and minor sporting events, leagues/gatherings, churches, schools, clubs and eventually restaurants also, shut down just days before the 2020 St Patrick’s Day parade was set to take place. That’s normal, how? After Jason Goetz already told me that there is no more work for me in March, after he has been stringing me along for the last eighteen months, years actually, here he is attempting to coax me back onto the payroll in May 2020, without the promise of any available work or any kind of paycheck, during what is just the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown. And, if I “-…don’t want to work…-“, or make any money, and continue being flat broke and homeless, unable to afford my heart meds, my employer, Jason Goetz is perfectly fine with that too, just as long as I remain on the ESP companies’ payroll, while not working. Is that what Jason means by “normal”? I’m afraid so.
- I do not feel okay at all with Jason Goetz keeping me on the ESP payroll, while having no intentions of giving me any work or an actual paycheck. I am not okay with that at all! Seems kinda sleazy actually. The things people do for money… so they say, is the root of all evil today.

- “I don’t like saying bad things about people, in general, because doing so can make myself look like an ass, but sometimes, some people, just really do deserve it and due to my somewhat autistic nature, I sometimes cannot help myself”. -DM 2022

- “Sometimes you must first smile upon the world, if you expect the world to smile back. So, I’ll just try to keep smiling”. -DM 2022

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